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I've always been a fan of design. For years I've been decorating my own homes. I was soon receiving requests from friends and family to create one of a kind spaces for them.  I realized that I could use my passion and talent to bring happiness to others. Today I live out a dream that my daughter, Alexis Harlow, inspired me to pursue. In the short time on earth, Alexis, was able to teach me what it means to bring joy to others. 


Today, I keep her legacy going through design. My sweet angel was born with a rare disease known as Trisomy 13. She was given a few days to live and blessed us with 81. In that short time, I shared her with everyone and showed her everything. Today I take every second I have with my family and make it amazing. My husband, Mike and kids, Carter and Kate, are my biggest supporters. 


If you wish to know more about Trisomy or would like to help support others living with this genetic disorder please visit the Hope for Trisomy website.


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